Dr. Celeste Palmer is a board certified pediatrician who has taken a particular interest in nutrition as a means of healing and maintaining overall health. Dr. Palmer is traditionally trained in allopathic medicine and understands its role and benefits but also recognizes and presents an integrative approach to patients who are seeking additional treatment options. She offers a nutrition based doctrine and supports families in targeted lifestyle modifications. She has also been active in community outreach and teaching. The scope of Dr. Palmer’s clinical practice has extended beyond the borders of her pediatric practice based on need; and she has had the opportunity to make contributions in healthcare by serving stateside and abroad. 

As her journey in plant based medicine evolves, Dr. Palmer continues to cultivate her studies and share the knowledge with others in order to empower them to reclaim and maintain  wellness. 

Dr. Palmer currently practices as a pediatrician in Houston, TX. She has also launched a specialized platform, Beginning Greens, which assists individuals in achieving their wellness goals and navigate back to health through nutrition. 

She is a graduate of Howard University (B.S., Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and the George Washington University School of Medicine (MD) in Washington , DC.  She has also earned Plant Based Nutrition Certification from the e-Cornell Center for Nutrition Studies.