LoveUrAge w/ Chef Babette presents

You can change your perspective on

self, family, food, love, and life! 

March 6th and 7th

March 20th and 21st

What is the LoveUrQuest Experience?

LUQ includes real-time transformative content that will change your perspective on self, family, food, love, and life! By the end of the ReTreat, you’ll have learned skills, knowledge, and techniques to start the journey of Loving Ur Age, no matter what age you are!


What was the motivation behind LUQ for Chef Babette?


“This ReTreat is near and dear to us, not only because my supporters have been asking me about my lifestyle and what they can do to become healthy, feel their best and prevent dis-ease, but also because we (my daughter LaTrece and I) have had our own personal struggle and have walked in your shoes. I have not always known what I know now…

When LaTrece was born I knew nothing about health. I was a young mom and too busy working and trying to survive to be concerned about my daughter’s well-being and was simply unaware. I immediately went back to work and left her with my mom, sister and a neighbor. 

My little girl’s formula was pet milk and Karo syrup. I had no clue the damage I was doing. As a result of my ignorance my daughter grew up with digestive issues, her weight was always a challenge and she even developed type II diabetes as an adult. 

It really hurt that my only daughter and best friend suffered so much even after I had made healthy changes as an adult.

This lifestyle formed horrible habits which were nearly impossible for her to break.

It took her making the choice, to want to work to make the changes she needed and heal herself. She went back to school to study preventive medicine, she became a certified health coach and doula. She took a long look in the mirror and decided that she was the only person that could change her path. 

We feel it is important to tell our truth because we know that millions of people will relate to our struggles and we strive to be an example of overcoming challenges and coming out the other side victorious. 

We have spent decades gaining the knowledge and testing the techniques that made us who we are. Sharing all of it with those who want to better themselves is extremely rewarding for everyone involved.

LaTrece and I designed the ReTreat so that each day will have that feeling of community and human connection that has been missing for so many of us. The purpose of this was so that we could bond, tell our stories, dive into the content and help each other become our best selves by making healthy choices and having the knowledge of how to know what those choices are. If we are not healthy mentally, spiritually or physically we are just existing and life is so much more!

 We look forward to sharing this experience with you! 

-Chef Babette

Self Acceptance and Self-Love

Self Care Management

Chef-B's Techniques

The art of setting intentions

Your relationship with food

The LUQ (LoveUrQuest) retreat will be held on March 6th, 7th, 20th, and 21st, and to ensure that you get the full experience, you will have your choice of any of the four dates to join us or you are welcome to attend all of them.

We are lucky to have some truly exceptional specialists speaking and then taking your questions in a group Q and A. Also, the entire thing will be recorded and archived and exclusively available online to anyone who attended through an included premium lifetime membership you will receive as our gift to you. (A $400 value) 

Guest Speakers

Steve & Julie Prussack

Steve and Julie Prussack will join us to discuss the benefits of incorporating juicing into your health regimen.

Dr. Goldner

Dr. Goldner cured herself from Lupus. Autoimmune deficiencies carry many names. Learn what you can do to save yourself from these silent killers.

Dr. Baxter Montgomery

Dr. Baxter Montgomery is the one of the nation’s leaders in cardiology health. Learn why he promotes a vegan diet to keep your heart healthy..

Dr. Palmer

Dr. Palmer will discuss the health of our children through diet and lifestyle

All-inclusive passes


Registration/Passes available 'til 2-20-2021








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