The virtual retreat begins

March 6th-28th (weekend days only)

What is covered

Self Acceptance
and Self-Love

Self Esteem vs Self-Acceptance
Compassion for self

Self Care

Techniques to practice Self Acceptance
Stress and Anxiety
Laugh @ it!

Chef Babette’s

Learn the techniques Chef Babette uses daily to become the healthy, fit and successful woman she is today!

Learn the magical and life-changing art of setting intentions.
Your relationship
with food
Take a deeper look into your relationship with food and learn how food can help to heal your body, mind and soul
A variety of guest speakers including …

About The Experience

The virtual retreat begins

March 6th-28th (weekend days only)

This full-day virtual retreat is co-hosted with the phenomenally fit 70-year-old Great Grandmother, Chef Babette. You have been asking her secrets and she has created a safe space to bond with her as she takes you on a journey of transformation. We will eat together, laugh together, perhaps cry together but for sure transform together, in the comfort of your own home.

The course begins March 6th-28th (weekend days only)

Choose Your Day! (Special guest each day)

The Most Transformative ReTreat Experience Online (That we know of-LAUGH!)

The Love Ur Quest Experience…ReTreat Urself with Chef Babette includes  12 hrs of transformative content that will change your perspective on self, family, food, love, and life! By the end of the ReTreat, you’ll have learned skills, knowledge, and techniques to start the journey of Loving Ur Age, no matter what age you are!


Special Guests

Over 20 video recipes

Chef B’s video exercise routine

Companion Guide to be used with and after the ReTreat

Free Gift

Access to our online community (coming soon)

Special discounts on recommended products

Event Hosted By…

Chef Babette

Chef Babette

The extremely fit and youthful 70-year-old has been a vegan and raw food chef for over a quarter of a century.

She is a firm believer that we should all eat “live food and live consciously!”

She is a committed and active health advocate co-founding the Love Ur Age Project which promotes successful aging throughout all age groups.

The Love Ur Age Project is intended to grant health and wellness to individuals who may not otherwise be able to find a path to life with healthier result in mind, body, spirit, etc. Due to the overwhelming need and increasing demand LUA has been deemed a necessity, for our lives, our children’s and or community as a whole.

LaTrece Hawkins

LaTrece Hawkins

Founder & CEO: Love Ur Age & The Vajj Lounge

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Chef Babette’s Daughter (Capitalized because they are titles she wears proudly)

Certified Birth Doula
Certified Health Coach
USC Graduate (Creative Writing & Preventive Medicine)

Her goal is simple: To inspire others to Love who and what they are.

LaTrece has spent the last six years developing Love Ur Age. She would wake up in the middle of the night excited with new ideas. She has finally created a platform that will integrate her creativity, passion, experience, and education while helping to transform others.  



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